Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The collective strength and intellectual power of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences reside in the diversity of its community.

Our learning and research successes are built on a variety of perspectives, people, and experiences. The College, therefore, is committed to building and enhancing a diverse and equitable faculty, staff, and student community, and to supporting innovative research and learning experiences that will shape a better tomorrow for all people.

We also are keenly aware that CLAS, like any institution of higher education, can do better to fully meet the needs of its constituents. We dedicate ourselves to the ongoing work of building and supporting inclusion at all levels.

Current Initiatives

Diversity Research Clusters

The College hired nine faculty members who focus on three areas of diversity scholarship and education: Native American and Indigenous Studies, Health Disparities, and Diversity Science. Learn more about our diversity research cluster hires.

Women’s Leadership Collective

The CLAS Women’s Leadership Collective provides undergraduate students with a unique leadership learning experience coupled with group mentorship from UConn alums. Students learn about key issues affecting women in the workplace and society. Mentorship Circles also convene periodically throughout the academic year to connect groups of alums and students with similar career interests.

Anti-Racism Scholarship

The College provides internal funding opportunities for research, pedagogical development, and programming that advances the struggle against injustice and racial violence in the U.S. These grants respond to the CLAS Strategic Plan’s goal to “build and continually support an academic environment and workplace where diverse faculty, staff, and students feel valued and thrive.” The grants will provide sufficient funding to stimulate meaningful and lasting impact.

Graduate Student Diversity Fellowships

A collaboration with UConn's Greenhouse Studios, the Graduate Student Diversity Fellowships in Digital Humanities enhance the academic and professional experience of Ph.D. students in the humanities from historically underrepresented groups. The awards provide two years of hands-on experience in digital humanities research and methods.

Our Academic Programs

Scholarship on inequality, diversity, and race has long been a centerpiece of the College. Our interdisciplinary centers, institutes, and programs have worked for decades on issues of social inequalities, race, gender, and human rights. The faculty and students in these programs have dedicated their academic lives to understanding injustice, and their intellectual network places CLAS at the forefront of diversity research at UConn.
CLAS Centers, Institutes, and Programs

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Katharine Capshaw

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion