Upcoming Events

Below is the UConn events calendar for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. View events for CLAS undergraduate students.

  1. 5/2First Day Of Final Exams
  1. 5/2AAASI Artist In Residence: Ali Asgar Tara Presents Rethinking Freedom
  1. 5/2Ali Asgar Tara: Asian/Asian American Studies Institute Spring 2022 Artist-in-Residence
  1. 5/2RESCHEDULED to May 9 : Atomic, Molecular, And Optical Physics Seminar
  1. 5/5Doctoral Dissertation Defense - Alexandria Battison
  1. 5/5Neuroscience Seminar Series Tiwari-Woodruff
  1. 5/6Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Cassidy Burt, MS
  1. 5/7Last Day Of Final Exams
  1. 5/7ASC Spring Meeting
  1. 5/9Atomic, Molecular, And Optical Physics Seminar
  1. 5/11Entrepreneurship And Innovation Policy Research Seminar
  1. 5/11PNB Seminar Series Dr. Emily Liman
  1. 5/11PNB Seminar Series Emily Liman, PhD.,
  1. 5/12Neuroscience Seminar Series - Niu
  1. 5/12Dissertation Proposal Defense - Alyssa Clark, M.S.
  1. 5/12Connecticut Student Writers Recognition Night
  1. 5/12"Tito Matos And Puerto Rican Culture" Online Forum
  1. 5/13PSELC: Disrupting Bias and Responding to Microaggressions
  1. 5/13UConn WinS
  1. 5/13Marine Sciences Seminar: Scott Gallager
  1. 5/14CWP Summer Institute Orientation
  1. 5/18Doctoral Dissertation Defense Of Shamayeta Bhattacharya
  1. 5/18Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense - Chuang Li
  1. 5/18PNB Seminar Series Bruce Edgar, PhD.,
  1. 5/18CCEI Timely Topics – Commercializing Big Ideas: How To Push Yourself To Think Bigger
  1. 5/24CCEI Timely Topics - Making Sales Simple
  1. 5/24Dissertation Defense- Mackenzie N. Wink, M.A.
  1. 5/24Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Xiao Yang
  1. 5/25Grad Fellowships Application Development Program
  1. 5/26Dissertation Proposal Defense- Kaleigh Ligus, M.A.
  1. 5/27PSELC: Essential Skills for Grant-writing Success
  1. 5/27Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Philip Barron