Upcoming Events

  1. 1/7Scholastic Writing Awards Submission Deadline
  1. 1/7Probabillity And Data Science Colloquium
  1. 1/14Probabillity And Data Science Colloquium
  1. 1/20Letters About Literature Submission Deadline
  1. 1/20Astronomy Seminar
  1. 1/20Health Research Program Information Session
  1. 1/21Probabillity And Data Science Colloquium
  1. 1/22Vanquishing the Data Fear Monster: Transforming Data Anxiety into Data Enthusiasm
  1. 1/22Spring 2021 Seminar - Seth John
  1. 1/22Department Of Public Policy MPA, MPP And Fast-Track Information Session For Political Science Students
  1. 1/22Graduate Student Seminar
  1. 1/22IONM Virtual Infosession
  1. 1/22Professor Chiara Mingarelli (Physics Colloquium)
  1. 1/25Connecticut Student Writers magazine submission deadline
  1. 1/25Health Research Program Information Session
  1. 1/25Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Svetlana Gelpi
  1. 1/26MCB Seminar Series: Olga Zhaxybayeva PhD('04)
  1. 1/27Algebra Seminar
    Nef Classes On Self-Products Of Curves
    Mihai Fulger (University of Connecticut)
  1. 1/27Philosophy Brown Bag: Long
  1. 1/27Geoscience Professional Development Series: Internships
  1. 1/27PNB Seminar Series Dr. Gina Leinninger
  1. 1/27Math Club
    Impossible integrals
    Keith Conrad (UConn)
  1. 1/28ECOM Spotlight Series: Richard Moore
  1. 1/28Probability and Data Science Colloquium
  1. 1/28Probabillity And Data Science Colloquium
  1. 1/28Heather Kittredge (UConn EEB)
  1. 1/29Carol Ann Jackson Dissertation Proposal Defense
  1. 1/29Spring 2021 Seminar - Joaquim Goes
  1. 1/29Critical LOOKing: A Virtual Dialogue
  1. 1/29Graduate Student Seminar
  1. 1/29Physics Colloquium (Prof. Stewart Prager, Princeton University)
  1. 1/29Linguistics Colloquium: Laura Kalin (Princeton)

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