Upcoming Events

  1. 2/3Black Lives Matter and the Politics of Value
  1. 2/3Philosophy Job Talk
  1. 2/4MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Clare M. Waterman
  1. 2/4Black History 365 Opening Ceremony
  1. 2/5Gilman Scholarship Advising Drop-In
  1. 2/5Women in Science: Prioritizing Mental Health
  1. 2/5Chemistry Colloquium: Nan Jiang, University of Illinois at Chicago
  1. 2/5Digital Humanities & Media Studies talk - Nancy Baym, "The Relational Affordances of Platforms"
  1. 2/5Provost's Distinguished Speaker Series - Dr. Michael Lynch
  1. 2/5Math Club
    How to Win at Hat Guessing
    Nate Eldredge (Univ. Northern Colorado/UConn)
  1. 2/6CWP Leadership Council
  1. 2/7CBC Data Therapy
  1. 2/7Marine Sciences Seminar: Andrew J. Davies
  1. 2/7IONM Infosession
  1. 2/7Logic Colloquium: Eileen Nutting (Kansas)
  1. 2/7Cluster Algeba Seminar
    Speaker: Emily Gunawan
    Title: An introduction to cluster algebras
  1. 2/7Physics Colloquium (Prof. Reynold Silber)
  1. 2/10Particle, Astrophysics, and Nuclear Physics Seminar
  1. 2/10Free Hebrew Conversation Crash-Course
  1. 2/11Education Abroad - Florence & Perugia, Italy Information Session
  1. 2/12Marine Sciences Brown Bag: Amin Ilia
  1. 2/12Math Club
    Stirling's Formula
    Matt Lamoureux (The Hartford)
  1. 2/13InCHIP Lecture: John M. Jakicic, PhD
  1. 2/13Repression Before and After the Arab Spring
  1. 2/13EEB Seminar: Robert Thorson (UConn)
  1. 2/14Marine Sciences Seminar: Sean Colin
  1. 2/14Graduate Student Seminar
  1. 2/14POLS and Education Abroad Information Session
  1. 2/14Cluster Algeba Seminar
    Speaker:Ralf Schiffler
    Title: Cluster algebras and Representation Theory
  1. 2/15Antifascism is as American as Apple Pie
  1. 2/15Chris Vials Book Signing
  1. 2/17Actuarial Science Seminar
    Small Time Approximation of Transition Density
    Tai-Ho Wang (City University of New York)
  1. 2/17Particle, Astrophysics, and Nuclear Physics Seminar
  1. 2/17Connecticut Logic Seminar
    The Bipartite Diameter 3 Metrically Homogeneous Graphs of Generic Type: Their Ages and Their Almost Sure Theories
    Rebecca Coulson (West Point)
  1. 2/18CLAS Book Celebration
  1. 2/18Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
  1. 2/18Special Colloquium
  1. 2/18Talk by Israeli Author Ayelet Tsabari
  1. 2/19Marine Sciences Brown Bag: Brittany Sprecher
  1. 2/19Tethered Fates: Companies, Communities, and Rights at Stake
  1. 2/19MPA/MPP Fast Track Information Session
  1. 2/19Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
  1. 2/19Chemistry Colloquium:Jerome Robinson, Brown University
  1. 2/19PNB Seminar Series : Dr. Gary Sieck
  1. 2/19Math Club
    Volume of Balls: from $$R^n$$ to Infinite Dimensions
    Marco Carfagnini (UConn)
  1. 2/20White Fragility - Book Discussion Series
  1. 2/20Anthropology Sociocultural Seminar Series: Dr. Sarah Pinto
  1. 2/20Talk: Vicki Carstens
  1. 2/20EEB Seminar: Dov Lank (Simon Fraser)
  1. 2/20Walt Whitman and Lively Materiality with Jane Bennett
  1. 2/21Colloquium With Jane Bennett
  1. 2/21Geography Colloquium - Zhuojie Huang
  1. 2/21Logic Colloquium: Eno Agolli
  1. 2/21Charles Reynolds Distinguished Lecture (Prof. Peter Abbamonte, U. of Illinois)
  1. 2/22Encounters: The Census
  1. 2/22Teacher-as-Writer Workshop
  1. 2/22Encounters: Moderator/Facilitator Training
  1. 2/24Talk: Roumyana Pancheva
  1. 2/24Connecticut Logic Seminar
    On $$\Sigma$$--preorderings in $$\text{HF}(\mathbb{R})$$
    Andrey Morozov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics and Novosibirsk State University)
  1. 2/24Free Hebrew Conversation Crash-Course
  1. 2/25Anthropology Sociocultural Seminar Series: Jen Sandler, Ph.D.
  1. 2/25The State and the Market in Indian Education
  1. 2/25Jenny Spinner: "It's a Woman Speaking"
  1. 2/25Coastal Perspectives Lecture Series - Visualizing Plastic: Integrating Science and Art to Inspire Change
  1. 2/26Yiddish Tish Discussions
  1. 2/26Marine Sciences Brown Bag: Michael Mathuri
  1. 2/26Penelope Pelizzon: "Animals and Instruments"
  1. 2/26Colloquium: Justin Gross (UMass)
  1. 2/26Wednesday Workshop: "Connecticut's Tobacco Valley: Imperialism, Migration, and Internal Colonization"
  1. 2/26Chemistry Colloquium: Steve Boxer, Stanford University
  1. 2/26PNB Seminar Series : Dr. Andrew Holmes
  1. 2/26Provost's Distinguished Speaker Series - Dr. Avinoam Patt
  1. 2/26Math Club
    On Convergence of Random Series
    Iddo Ben-Ari (UConn)
  1. 2/27Frontiers in HIstorical GIS, the Geohumanities, and Narrative Visualization
  1. 2/27InCHIP Lecture: Anna Maria Siega-Riz, PhD
  1. 2/27Lecture: “Flesh Into Blossom”: The Queer Poetics of Radical Pleasure
  1. 2/27Black, Queer, & Proud!
  1. 2/27ISSS Coffee Hour
  1. 2/27EEB Seminar: Marjorie Webber (Michigan State)
  1. 2/27Mathematics Colloquium
    Random interlacing arrays
    Leonid Petrov (University of Virginia)
  1. 2/27Women in Economics Symposium
  1. 2/27Exhibit Reception - Babbidge Library
  1. 2/27Writers Who Edit, Editors Who Write Series
  1. 2/28Connecticut Environmental Action Day
  1. 2/28Marine Sciences Seminar: Sarah Donelan
  1. 2/28Elect Her: UConn Women Win Training
  1. 2/28Geosciences Seminar Series: Jason Smerdon (Columbia University)
  1. 2/28IONM Virtual Infosession
  1. 2/28Cluster Algeba Seminar

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