Upcoming Events

  1. 10/1Probability And Data Science Colloquium: Ming Yuan (Columbia University))
  1. 10/1Bouncing Forward from the Pandemic: Next Steps for Public Services Delivery in CT
  1. 10/2Marine Sciences Seminar: Pieter Visscher
  1. 10/2Geography Colloquium - Dr. Michael Widener
  1. 10/2Graduate Student Seminar
  1. 10/2IONM Virtual Infosession
  1. 10/2Logic Colloquium (Online): Lenore Blume (CMU)
  1. 10/2Not One Woman Less, Not One More Death Protest
  1. 10/5CIBC Information Session
  1. 10/5Sociocultural Anthropology Seminar Series
  1. 10/5Graduate Research Conference
  1. 10/5Particle, Astrophysics, And Nuclear Physics Seminar
  1. 10/5COMM Intern Homecoming
  1. 10/5De-Stress Night
  1. 10/6Faculty Discussion On How To Be An Anti- Racist
  1. 10/6The Feminization Of Transgender Women In Prisons For Men: How Prison As A Total Institution Shapes Gender
  1. 10/7Transcribathon
  1. 10/7Algebra Seminar
    The Monogeneity Of Division Fields Of Abelian Varieties
    Hanson Smith (University Of Connecticut)
  1. 10/7Philosophy Brown Bag: L. Shapiro
  1. 10/7MFA Informational Roundtable Talk
  1. 10/7PNB Seminar Series : Hee Jung Chung, Ph.D.,
  1. 10/7Math Club
    Some Iterative Geometry
    Jim Fowler (Ohio State)
  1. 10/7El Voto Latino
  1. 10/7Rise Of The Latinx Vote: Hispanic Identity At The Polls
  1. 10/8Scholarships For Language Study & Research Abroad
  1. 10/8Mathematics Colloquium
    Game Theoretic Models for Energy Production & Cryptocurrency Mining
    Ronnie Sircar (Princeton University)
  1. 10/8Women's Center Virutal Lounge
  1. 10/9Empires Or Umpires? Political Questions, Separation Of Powers, And Judicial Legitimacy
  1. 10/9Logic Colloquium: Sam Sanders
  1. 10/9Marine Sciences Seminar: Jessica Lueders-Dumont
  1. 10/9States of Change / States of Civil War
  1. 10/9Geography Colloquium - Dr. Jing Gao
  1. 10/9Graduate Student Seminar
  1. 10/9Physics Colloquium: From Black Holes To Robots
  1. 10/12Particle, Astrophysics, And Nuclear Physics Seminar
  1. 10/13Please Join Us For A WGSS Book Manuscript Workshop With Elva Orozco Mendoza
  1. 10/13Talk With Dafna Michaelson Jenet
  1. 10/13POLS Colloquium: Alyx Mark
  1. 10/13COMM Speaker Series: Dr. Sorin Matei
  1. 10/13A Conversation About Latin America, Human Rights, & Local Politics
  1. 10/13EEB Seminar: Barbara Ambrose (New York Botanical Garden)
  1. 10/13Road to 270: The 2020 Presidential Election
  1. 10/14Luis Alberto Urrea Reading
  1. 10/14History Department Meeting
  1. 10/14Philosophy Brown Bag: Jabbar
  1. 10/14Chemistry Colloquium: Sen Zhang, University of Virginia
  1. 10/14Ford Foundation Fellowship Information Session And Q&A
  1. 10/14Psychology Colloquium: Dr. Tracy Centanni
  1. 10/14Math Club
    Parabolas On The Horizon
    Trevor Hyde (Univ. Chicago)
  1. 10/14Connecticut Forum: Debating Immigration
  1. 10/14Scholarships For Language Study & Research Abroad
  1. 10/14Monuments And Democracy In A Historical Perspective
  1. 10/15ECOM - Spotlight Series Talk (Eno Agolli)
  1. 10/15Listen To The Experts: Law School Admissions Representative Panel
  1. 10/15“Whose Heritage? What Heritage?: Caribbean Black And Decolonial Feminist Confrontations Against White And Heteropatriarchal Supremacies”
  1. 10/15Bouncing Forward from the Pandemic: Next Steps for Public Services Delivery in CT
  1. 10/15Mathematics Colloquium
    NTRU And Post Quantum Public Key Cryptography
    Jeffrey Hoffstein (Brown University)
  1. 10/15Long River Reading Series
  1. 10/16Rethinking Attendance During Pandemic Age
  1. 10/16Marine Sciences Seminar: Veronique Oldham
  1. 10/16Graduate Student Seminar
  1. 10/16Linguistics Colloquium: Andrew Nevins
  1. 10/17Law School Admissions 101
  1. 10/19
    Actuarial Science Seminar
    Modeling Joint Lives Within Families
    Arthur Charpentier (Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM))
  1. 10/19Is The University Colonial?: Critical Conversations On Its Past
  1. 10/19The Vote Part 1– Film Discussion (View Film Prior)
  1. 10/20Faith Hawolti Curry MA Thesis Defense
  1. 10/20The Stakes Of Authenticity Claims
  1. 10/20MCB Seminar Series: Shawna Reed
  1. 10/21Chemistry Colloquium: Gilles Gasser, Chimie Paris Tech
  1. 10/21Sociocultural Anthropology Seminar Series
  1. 10/21Philosophy Brown Bag: Battaly
  1. 10/21What Is A Fascist? A Trans-Atlantic Issue
  1. 10/21The Future of Sociology: At Home and in the Discipline
  1. 10/21PNB Webinar Dr. Rahul N. Kanadia
  1. 10/21Math Club
    Dudeney’s No-Three-In-Line Problem
    Nathan Kaplan (UC Irvine)
  1. 10/22Probability And Data Science Colloquium: Mauro Maggioni (Johns Hopkins University)
  1. 10/22EEB Seminar: Paulo R. Guimarães Jr. (Univ. São Paulo)
  1. 10/22Graduate Student Seminar: Jason An Howell Group At UConn
  1. 10/22Women's Center Virutal Lounge
  1. 10/23Policython
  1. 10/23Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Simone Maria Puleo
  1. 10/23Leading in Unclear and Challenging Times
  1. 10/23COMM Careers In Media Production And Journalism
  1. 10/23Kylar Schaad Thesis Defense
  1. 10/23Marine Sciences Seminar: Kelton McMahon
  1. 10/23Publishing NOW With Matt McAdam Of JHU Press
  1. 10/23Geography Colloquium - Dr. Zhe Zhu
  1. 10/23Graduate Student Seminar
  1. 10/23Geosciences Virtual Seminar Series
  1. 10/23Leading The Pack With PR Firm Webber Shandwick
  1. 10/23HiGSA Fall Teaching Workshop
  1. 10/23Linguistics Colloquium: Kamil ud Deen (U of Hawai'i)
  1. 10/24Policython
  1. 10/24NESS 2020: The 19th Annual North Eastern Structure Symposium
  1. 10/25Policython
  1. 10/26
    Actuarial Science Seminar
    Risk Management Of Insurance Portfolio: A Dynamic Point Of View
    Hailiang Yang (University Of Hong Kong)
  1. 10/26The Vote Part 2– Film Discussion (View Film Prior)
  1. 10/26Encounters: American Dreams
  1. 10/27Goodnight, Status Quo: State Court Innovation In The Wake Of Covid-19
  1. 10/27POLS Colloquium: State Court Innovation In The Wake of Covid-19
  1. 10/27Women Entrepreneurs And Communication Innovation
  1. 10/28Latin American Perspectives On The U.S. Presidential Election
  1. 10/28Algebra Seminar
    Sato-Tate Distributions And Identities Of Symplectic Characters
    Kyu-Hwan Lee (University Of Connecticut)
  1. 10/28Sociocultural Anthropology Seminar Series
  1. 10/28Philosophy Brown Bag: Tizzard
  1. 10/28Chemistry Colloquium: Catherine Grimes, University Of Delaware
  1. 10/28Special Seminar "Careers In Chemistry" With Nicole Camasso, Measurement Science Portfolio
  1. 10/28Math Club
    Brownian Motion: Its History And Applications
    Fanny Shum (NYU)
  1. 10/28Race, Ethnicity, Gender, And The 2020 Elections
  1. 10/29Armenian Virtual Film Screening And Panel Discussion
  1. 10/30From COMM Student To Professional
  1. 10/30Logic Colloquium (Online): Brauer, Linnebo, & Shapiro: Choice Sequences
  1. 10/30Marine Sciences Seminar: Talea L. Mayo
  1. 10/30The 2020 Nobel Prize In Physics (Physics Department Colloquium)

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