Upcoming Events

Below is the UConn events calendar for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. View events for CLAS undergraduate students.

  1. 4/3Dissertation Defense of Kristen Kirksey
  1. 4/3EEB MS defense: Sarita Muñoz-Gómez
  1. 4/3POLS Book Chat: Shareen Hertel, Rights at Stake and the COVID-19 Pandemic
  1. 4/3Plantation Pedagogy: "Learning by Doing" in the Context of Slavery and Settlement
  1. 4/3Fulbright U.S. Student Program Info Session
  1. 4/3Young Adult Publishing
  1. 4/3Film Screening of Marianne and Discussion with Director Valentina Canavesio
  1. 4/42023 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Keynote, Featuring: Domee Shi
  1. 4/4Coastal Perspectives Lecture Series
  1. 4/5Algebra Seminar
    Title TBA
    Speaker TBA (TBA)
  1. 4/5Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Eminet Abebe Gurganus, MPH
  1. 4/5Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
  1. 4/5Chemistry Colloquium: Libai Huang, Purdue University
  1. 4/5Communicating Environmental (In)Justice: A Dialogue
  1. 4/6Neuroscience Seminar Series - Wright
  1. 4/6Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Sarah McKee M.A.
  1. 4/6Fulbright U.S. Student Program Info Session
  1. 4/6InCHIP Lecture: Stephanie L. Fitzpatrick, PhD, "Implementing Evidence-Based Interventions for Obesity and Diabetes in Clinical Care Settings"
  1. 4/6UConn Women in Science Club
  1. 4/6NO DAY LIKE TODAY: RENT by Jonathan Larson
  1. 4/6Transcribathon
  1. 4/6EEB Seminar: Michael Schlang (UConn Linguistics)
  1. 4/6Mathematics Colloquium
    Connecting Schramm-Loewner evolution to Teichmuller theory
    Yilin Wang (IHES)
  1. 4/6Writers Who Edit, Editors Who Write: R. Joseph Rodriguez
  1. 4/6Music Ed Master's-Info Session
  1. 4/75th Year Masters Info Session
  1. 4/7Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Christopher Rahlwes
  1. 4/7Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Christopher Rahlwes
  1. 4/7PNB Research In Progress Talks - Monica Strain and Will Fan
  1. 4/7EEB MS defense: Brendan Enochs
  1. 4/7Agostino Marinelli, Stanford (UConn Physics Colloquium)
  1. 4/10Build Quantitative Research & Evaluation Skills Online!
  1. 4/10Build Quantitative Research & Evaluation Skills Online!
  1. 4/10Master's Thesis Defense of Rui Wu
  1. 4/11Book Celebration - Health in Ruins: The Capitalist Destruction of Medical Care at a Colombian Maternity Hospital
  1. 4/12CLAS presents "Ask an Advisor" Event
  1. 4/12Algebra Seminar
    Title TBA
    Benjamin Dequêne (Université du Québec à Montréal)
  1. 4/12Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
  1. 4/12Microbiology Symposium
  1. 4/12Psychology Colloquium: Dr. Rong Su
  1. 4/12UCHI Fellow's Talk: Anna Mae Duane
  1. 4/12PNB Seminar Series -Dr. Joel Richter
  1. 4/13Neuroscience Seminar Series - Kim
  1. 4/13Reading Group
  1. 4/13Chemistry Colloquium: Daniel C. Ashley, Spelman College
  1. 4/13EEB Postdoc Seminar: Arshad Padhiar (UConn EEB)
  1. 4/13EEB Postdoc Seminar: Karl Fetter (UConn EEB)
  1. 4/13Mathematics Colloquium
    Title TBA
    Ellen Powell (Durham University)
  1. 4/13CHHD Colloquium: Journaling the Pandemic
  1. 4/13CWP Leadership Council Meeting
  1. 4/14Career Panel Discussion: “Global Teachers and Corporate Professionals”
  1. 4/14PNB Research In Progress Talks - Dr. Kazumasa Takemoto
  1. 4/14Frontiers In Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition (Session 1)
  1. 4/14Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Jayson P. Gill
  1. 4/14Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition (Session 2)
  1. 4/14Linguistics Colloquium
  1. 4/14Philosophy Department Colloquium: Michael Hannon (Nottingham, Harvard)
  1. 4/15Encounters: Reparations - A More Perfect Union?
  1. 4/15Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition (Session 3)
  1. 4/15Research Excellence in Political Science (REPS)
  1. 4/15Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition (Session 4)
  1. 4/17Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Yuance He
  1. 4/17PhD Dissertation Defense
  1. 4/17Particle, Astrophysics and Nuclear Physics Seminar
  1. 4/182023 Khairallah Symposium
  1. 4/18Frontiers in Undergraduate Research
  1. 4/18UCONN Hillel: Remembering he Shoah
  1. 4/19Algebra Seminar
    The Seshadri Constants the Tangent Bundles of Toric Varieties
    Chih-Wei Chang (National Taiwan University and UT Austin)
  1. 4/19POLS Book Chat: Oksan Bayulgen, Twisting in the Wind: The Politics of Tepid Transitions to Renewable Energy
  1. 4/19Psychology Colloquium: Dr. Marjorie Rhodes
  1. 4/19UCHI Fellow's Talk: Karen Lau and Rylee Thomas
  1. 4/20Neuroscience Seminar Series - Cui
  1. 4/20InCHIP Lecture: Timothy Schmutte, PsyD, Yale School Of Medicine
  1. 4/20Transcribathon
  1. 4/20Chemistry Colloquium: Younan Xia, Georgia Institute of Technology
  1. 4/20EEB Seminar: Stephen Keller (University of Vermont)
  1. 4/20Sixth Annual Ruth Garrett Millikan Graduate Research Fellowship
  1. 4/21Logic Colloquium: Liesbeth De Mol (Lille)
  1. 4/21PNB Undergraduate Symposium
  1. 4/21Clinical Psychology Info Session
  1. 4/21ECOM Speaker Series: Jen Hornsby
  1. 4/21Dr. Gregory Quarles (UConn Physics Colloquium)
  1. 4/21Philosophy Department Colloquium: Janice Dowell (Syracuse)
  1. 4/21Probability and Data Science Colloquium
  1. 4/22CWP Teacher-as-Writer Workshop
  1. 4/24Build Quantitative Research & Evaluation Skills Online!
  1. 4/24Build Quantitative Research & Evaluation Skills Online!
  1. 4/24UCHI Talk: Hassanaly Ladha
  1. 4/26Algebra Seminar
    Title TBA
    Alexey Pozdnyakov (University of Connecticut)
  1. 4/26Condensed Matter Physics Seminar
  1. 4/26Chemistry Colloquium: Ana de Bettencourt-Dias, University of Nevada, Reno
  1. 4/262023 LangFest
  1. 4/26PNB Seminar Series -Dr. Yi Athena Ren
  1. 4/27Neuroscience Seminar Series - Levine
  1. 4/27Reading Group
  1. 4/27Teale Lecture: Andrew Gonzalez (McGill Univ.)
  1. 4/28PSELC: Pursuing the Digital Frontier: Data Management and Digital Government Functions
  1. 4/28IBACS Meet & Speak Event
  1. 4/28Grad School Prep
  1. 4/28Annual Math Department Awards Day Ceremony
  1. 4/28Linguistics Colloquium