Upcoming Events

  1. 4/1Dissertation Defense- Carmen Britton, M.S., Doctoral Candidate
  1. 4/1Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Carmen R. Britton
  1. 4/1Jonathan Michaels: “The Liberal Dilemma: The Pragmatic Tradition in the Age of McCarthyism”
  1. 4/1CANCELLED: Chemistry Colloquium: Micahel Blayney, Northwestern University
  1. 4/1PNB Seminar Speaker : Dr. Wu-Min Deng
  1. 4/2Anthropology Sociocultural Seminar Series: Sara Ailshire
  1. 4/2Chemistry Colloquium: Josh Santiana, Rouge Group, University of Connecticut
  1. 4/2CANCELLED: EEB Seminar: Barbara Ambrose (NY Botanical Garden)
  1. 4/3Shattered: The Asian American Comics Anthology
  1. 4/3Colloquium: Dr. Salil Benegal
  1. 4/3I/O Brown Bag Speaker Series: Dr. Alex de Voogt
  1. 4/3Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Charles LeBel
  1. 4/3Cluster Algeba Seminar
  1. 4/3Not Stories About Race, Per Se: On the Indie Asian American Indie Rock Film
  1. 4/3Exhibition Opening Reception, “Memento: Textile and Paper Works by Jeanne Ciravolo”
  1. 4/4Teacher-as-Writer Workshop
  1. 4/6Ayahuasca Therapies: The Making and Remaking of Traditional Healing in Global Context
  1. 4/6Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Olivia Marcus
  1. 4/6Colloquium: Darian Spearman (UConn PhD)
  1. 4/6Free Hebrew Conversation Crash-Course
  1. 4/7MPA/MPP Fast Track Information Session
  1. 4/7CANCELLED - MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Anne E.Carpenter
  1. 4/8Master's Thesis Defense- Jamie L. Dolce
  1. 4/8CANCELLED: Chemistry Colloquium: Michael Wasielewski, Northwestern University
  1. 4/9White Fragility - Book Discussion Series
  1. 4/9Chemistry Colloquium: David Loe, Rouge Group, University of Connecticut
  1. 4/9CWP Leadership Council
  1. 4/9The Aetna Celebration of Creative Nonfiction
  1. 4/10Victoria Almodovar's Thesis Defense (Online)
  1. 4/10Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense - Laura Godfrey
  1. 4/10** CANCELLED ** Logic Colloquium: Tyler Markkanen
  1. 4/10Cluster Algeba Seminar
  1. 4/10HiGSA: After Spring Break Dinner and Workshop on Conferences
  1. 4/14CANCELLED - MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Mark Silby
  1. 4/15Colloquium: Dr. David Patrick Houghton
  1. 4/15CANCELLED: Chemistry Colloquium: Suzanne Bart, Purdue University
  1. 4/15Take Back The Night
  1. 4/16Anthropology Sociocultural Seminar Series: Ashley Walters
  1. 4/16How to Get Published: Ilene Kalish (NYU Press)
  1. 4/17I/O Brown Bag Speaker Series: Dr. Richard Fortinsky
  1. 4/17** CANCELLED ** Logic Colloquium: Florian Steinberger (Birkbeck)
  1. 4/17UConn Mathematics Distinguished Lecture
  1. 4/17Cluster Algeba Seminar
  1. 4/17CLAS Case Competition Mandatory Orientation Session (Virtual)
  1. 4/17Maria Chudnovsky (Princeton)
  1. 4/17Profs. Jason Hancock and Diego Valente
  1. 4/18Encounters: Moderator/Facilitator Training
  1. 4/20Free Hebrew Conversation Crash-Course
  1. 4/22CANCELLED: Chemistry Colloquium: Weiwei Zheng, Syracuse University
  1. 4/22Julia Marchese's Thesis Defense (Online)
  1. 4/22Artist's Talk, Jeanne Ciravolo, "Visualizing Female Narratives"
  1. 4/23CANCELLED: Chemistry Colloquium: Daniel Coleman, FBI
  1. 4/23CANCELED: EEB Seminar: Matt Forister (Univ. Nevada Reno)
  1. 4/23Jewish Playwriting Contest 2020 at Charter Oak Cultural Center
  1. 4/24** POSTPONED ** Logic Colloquium: Toby Meadows (UC Irvine)
  1. 4/24Cluster Algeba Seminar
  1. 4/24Letters About Literature Awards Night
  1. 4/25Philosophy Graduate Student Conference: Identity
  1. 4/273rd Annual Aetna Celebration of Student Writing
  1. 4/273rd Annual Aetna Celebration of Student Writing
  1. 4/28CANCELLED - MCB Seminar Series: Harry Higgs
  1. 4/29CANCELLED: Chemistry Colloquium: Ana de Bettencourt-Dias, University of Nevada-Reno
  1. 4/30Truth Pluralism workshop

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