Upcoming Events

Below is the UConn events calendar for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. View events for CLAS undergraduate students.

  1. 10/1Professional Development Workshop For ECE/Philosophy Teachers
  1. 10/1Marine Sciences Seminar: Mike Lomas
  1. 10/1Geography Colloquium - Dr. Linda Mearns
  1. 10/1Graduate Student Seminar
  1. 10/1Dietary Methyl Donor Restriction Modifies Tumor Outcome In A Colon-Specific Cancer Model
  1. 10/1Thesis Defense
  1. 10/1Logic Colloquium: Dilip Ninan (Tufts)
  1. 10/2CWP Virtual Writing Workshop
  1. 10/4Dissertation Prospectus Defense Of Aditi Rao
  1. 10/4IONM Virtual Infosession
  1. 10/5MCB DEI Special Seminar: Bias In STEMM And What You Can Do To Improve Equity And Diversity
  1. 10/5MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Rachel Roper
  1. 10/5The 2nd Mark Twain Distinguished Writer-In-Residence Program With Alexander Chee
  1. 10/6NSF GRFP Awardee Panel
  1. 10/6Algebra Seminar
    Explicit Study Of A Non-Identifiable Latent Class Model And A Deficient Secant Variety
    Jeremy Teitelbaum (University Of Connecticut)
  1. 10/6Brown Bag: Mitch Green, “How To Pull An Epistemic Rabbit Out Of A Fictional Hat: On Gaining Knowledge, Or Something Close Enough, From Works Of Fiction.”
  1. 10/6Chemistry Colloquium: Christine Caputo, University Of New Hampshire
  1. 10/6The Eduardo Halfon Mini-Symposium
  1. 10/6CLAS Master Class: Nicole Sanclemente - Altruistic Advocacy: Ensuring Successful And Collaborative Advocacy Efforts
  1. 10/6Encounters Dialogue: Getting Housing Right
  1. 10/7International Jewish Humanitarianism In The Age Of The Great War
  1. 10/7The Eduardo Halfon Mini-Symposium
  1. 10/7NSF GRFP Awardee Panel
  1. 10/7EEB Seminar: Austin Gray (Virginia Tech)
  1. 10/7Mathematics Colloquium
    Policy Evaluation And Temporal-Difference Learning In Continuous Time And Space: A Martingale Lens
    Xunyu Zhou (Columbia University)
  1. 10/8Dissertation Proposal Defense- Mackenzie N. Wink, M.A.
  1. 10/8Marine Sciences Seminar: Melissa Omand
  1. 10/8Geosciences Seminar Series: Kanani Lee:
  1. 10/8UConn Physics Colloquium
  1. 10/9The 3rd UConn Sports Analytics Symposium
  1. 10/11
    Actuarial Science Seminar
    Demand For Retirement Products: An Analysis Of Individual Welfare
    An Chen (Ulm University)
  1. 10/11ECOM Spotlight Series: Charles Davis
  1. 10/12MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Sheila Teves
  1. 10/12¡Extra! ¡Extra!: A Conversation On Latino Journalism
  1. 10/13UConn ECE European History Workshop
  1. 10/13Graduate Student Seminar: Jason Buck, University Of Connecticut
  1. 10/13PNB Seminar Series Dr. Harley Kurata
  1. 10/13UCHI Fellow's Talk: Drew Johnson
  1. 10/14Indigenous Resistance Environmental Destruction And Violence In The Amazon
  1. 10/14The Blank Page Speaker Series: My Life In The Arts: A Creative Journey
  1. 10/14Chemistry Colloquium: David Waldeck, University Of Pittsburgh
  1. 10/14EEB Seminar: Matt Kasson (West Virginia University)
  1. 10/14ISG Distinguished Lecture Featuring Nobel Laureate Jennifer A. Doudna
  1. 10/15Rainbow Center Symposium
  1. 10/15Marine Sciences Seminar: Jacqueline F. Webb
  1. 10/15A Talk By Professor Annette Lareau
  1. 10/15MFA Information Panel
  1. 10/15MCB Related Proposal: Joshua Gil
  1. 10/15CANCELLED Dr. Steve Mirmina, NASA (UConn Physics Colloquium)
  1. 10/15Linguistics Colloquium: Miloje Despic (Cornell)
  1. 10/18
    Actuarial Science Seminar
    Insurance Discrimination And Pricing Fairness
    Fei Huang (University Of New South Wales)
  1. 10/18CLAS Master Class - Building A Positive Alliance
  1. 10/18Thoughts On The World, The Black And The Political
  1. 10/18Particle, Astrophysics, And Nuclear Physics Seminar
  1. 10/19MCB Seminar Series: Damian Ekiert
  1. 10/19Islandwide Literary Expeditions In Haiti And The Dominican Republic By Sophie Maríñez, Ph.D.
  1. 10/19WHUS Alumni Career Event
  1. 10/20Brown Bag: Ahmad Jabbar And Drew Johnson, TBA (On Expressivism)
  1. 10/20Psychology Colloquium: Dr. Salma Mousa
  1. 10/20PNB Seminar Series Nagendran Muthusamy
  1. 10/20Fall Frontiers 2021
  1. 10/20Rainbow Center Art Gala
  1. 10/20Rainbow Center Art Gala
  1. 10/21DHMS: Algorithmic Arts & Humanities At UConn
  1. 10/21Chemistry Colloquium: Nathan Schley, Vanderbilt University
  1. 10/21Archaeology Seminar Series
  1. 10/21Teale Seminar: Jane O'Sullivan (University Of Queensland)
  1. 10/22History And The Tulsa Race Massacre: What's Law Got To Do With It?
  1. 10/22Marine Sciences Seminar: Judith Rosentreter
  1. 10/22Geography Colloquium - Dr. Hong Xu
  1. 10/22Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense - Ashley L. Graham
  1. 10/22Algebra Seminar
    Finiteness Of Quasi-Canonical Lifts
    Lance Miller (University Of Arkansas)
  1. 10/22UConn Physics Colloquium
  1. 10/22ECOM Speaker Series: Trip Glazer
  1. 10/22Fall Frontiers Live Online Presentation Session
  1. 10/25Teacher-Consultant Writing Contest Submission Deadline
  1. 10/26Law School Career Forum
  1. 10/26Linguistics Colloquium: Artemis Alexiadou
  1. 10/26Public Policy Information Session - Master In Public Admin., Public Policy, Fast Track
  1. 10/26Virtual Sociocultural Seminar Series
  1. 10/26MCB Seminar Series: Allison Kerwin
  1. 10/27Algebra Seminar
    Lisa Marquand (Stony Brook University)
  1. 10/27Brown Bag: Lionel Shapiro, Title TBA
  1. 10/27PoliSci Chat: Haifeng Huang, Triumphalism And The Inconvenient Truth: Correcting Inflated National Self-Images In A Rising Power
  1. 10/27Israel's Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic
  1. 10/27PNB Seminar Series Dr. Gilad Barnea
  1. 10/28Brady, Belichick & The Patriots Dynasty
  1. 10/28The Blank Page Speaker Series: How Research Can Inform Your Writing Of Children's Books
  1. 10/28Chemistry Colloquium: Jie He, University Of Connecticut
  1. 10/28EEB Seminar: Santiago Ramírez (University Of California, Davis)
  1. 10/29Marine Sciences Seminar: Patricia Glibert
  1. 10/29Facing History Faculty Dialogue With Manisha Sinha And Kelli Morgan