Upcoming Events

  1. 4/1Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Kyra Krass
  1. 4/1Good Relations: Native Scholars And Artists On Climate Justice
  1. 4/1The Invention Of Race In The European Middle Ages
  1. 4/1EEB Seminar: Namrata Sengupta (Broad Institute Of MIT And Harvard)
  1. 4/1Mathematics Colloquium
    Stochastic Integration With Respect To Arbitrary Collections Of Continuous Semimartingales
    Constantinos Kardaras (London School Of Economics)
  1. 4/1Exploring Body Image In The Queer Community
  1. 4/1Stephen Kuusisto, The Aetna Celebration Of Creative Nonfiction
  1. 4/1Picture A Scientist - Film Screening And Discussion
  1. 4/2Logic Colloquium
    Logic Done as if Inference in Language Mattered
    Larry Moss (Indiana University)
  1. 4/2AAASI: East Asia Workshop: Viren Murthy
  1. 4/5
    Actuarial Science Seminar
    Risk Analysis Of Driving Data With Near-miss Ratemaking
    Montserrat Guillen (University Of Barcelona)
  1. 4/5Anthropology Sociocultural Colloquium
  1. 4/5Political Theory Workshop: Brooks Kirchgassner, (UConn Ph.D.),
  1. 4/5Un-Common Tongues, Endangered Languages: Italian Arbëresh And Greek Arvanitika," A Conversation With Michelangelo La Luna (University Of Rhode Island) And Peter Constantine (University Of CT)
  1. 4/5Mimouna: The Next Generation Celebrating The Israeli-Moroccan Cultural Alliance
  1. 4/6Not Burnout, Betrayal: The Pandemic’s Impact On Working Mothers
  1. 4/6Genesis Carela Thesis Defense
  1. 4/6MCB Seminar Series: Dr. David Gilmour
  1. 4/6Critical LOOKing: A Virtual Dialogue
  1. 4/6Coastal Perspectives Lecture Series: Confronting Issues Of (In)Justice In Environmental And Resource Governance
  1. 4/7Astronomy Seminar
  1. 4/7Algebra Seminar
    Minimal Exponents And A Conjecture Of Teissier
    Bradley Dirks (University Of Michigan)
  1. 4/7Islamic Institutions And Slaves’ Collective Action In 18th Century Spain
  1. 4/7Philosophy Brown Bag: Comay del Junco
  1. 4/7Chemistry Colloquium: Quan Wang, Princeton University
  1. 4/7PNB Seminar Series Dr. Harvey J Grill
  1. 4/7The Genocide-Ecocide Nexus: The Case of Brazil
  1. 4/7Math Club
    Undersanding Blockchains
    Zach Izzo (Stanford)
  1. 4/7A Conversation With Karla Cornejo Villavicencio
  1. 4/8ECE English Spring Workshop
  1. 4/8COMM Speaker Series: COMM COVID-19 Seed Grant Panel
  1. 4/8EEB Ph.D. Defense: Kevin Keegan
  1. 4/8Enough: A Workshop On Imposter Syndrome
  1. 4/8Mathematics Distinguished Lecture Series
    New Perspectives On Sobolev Norms
    Haim Brezis (Rutgers And Technion)
  1. 4/8Probability And Data Science Colloquium
  1. 4/8EEB Seminar: Deepa Agashe (National Center For Biological Sciences, India)
  1. 4/8Irish Travellers: The Nation State, A Marginalized Minority, And Climate Crisis
  1. 4/8CWP Leadership Council
  1. 4/8Nicaragua: Performance Art In The Crossfire (Power, Relational Aesthetics, And Activisms)
  1. 4/9Fresh Voices Poetry Competition Submission Deadline
  1. 4/9Logic Colloquium
    Interacting Alternatives: Referential Indeterminacy And Questions
    Floris Roelofsen (ILLC Amsterdam)
  1. 4/9DPP: Responding To Microaggressions: Strategies For Navigating Instances Of Exclusion
  1. 4/9Marine Sciences Seminar: Alan Decho
  1. 4/9Faculty Development Forum
  1. 4/9Graduate Student Seminar
  1. 4/9EEB Ph.D. Defense: Jacob Kasper
  1. 4/9Doctor Dissertation Oral Defense Of Mark A. Higgins
  1. 4/9Sociological Conversation On Race, Power, And Systemic Racism: Dr. Sanyu A. Mojola
  1. 4/9Sociological Conversation On Race, Power, And Systemic Racism: Dr. Sanyu A. Mojola
  1. 4/9DMD - MFA Artist Screening & Reception
  1. 4/10DPP Encore Graduation
  1. 4/12VICTR Presents: Romy Jaster
  1. 4/12EEB Ph.D. Defense: Austin Spence
  1. 4/13EEB Ph.D. Defense: Andrew Stillman
  1. 4/14Graduate Student Seminar: Min (Neal) Deng, Ung Research Group, UConn
  1. 4/14PNB Seminar Series Rebecca Shansky, Ph.D.,
  1. 4/15Northeast CCCC Summer Conference Proposal Submission Deadline
  1. 4/15Submission deadline for Connecticut Literary Anthology
  1. 4/15EO Smith Speaker Series: endawnis Spears
  1. 4/16Annual Logic Lecture
    Algebraic Constructions In Models Of Peano Arithmetic And Its Weak Fragments
    Paola D’Aquino (Università della Campania)
  1. 4/16DPP: Developing And Supporting A Resiliant Team
  1. 4/16Marine Sciences Seminar: Peter Traykovski
  1. 4/16Revolution In Development: Mexico And The Governance Of The Global Economy
  1. 4/19Master's Defense- Michelle Miller
  1. 4/19Particle, Astrophysics, And Nuclear Physics Seminar
  1. 4/197th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium In Molecular And Cell Biology
  1. 4/20Genocide Awareness Day Keynote
  1. 4/20Cultural Heritage Destruction Workshop
  1. 4/20Genocide Language Panel
  1. 4/20Oxana Sidorova's Thesis Defense
  1. 4/20PhD Dissertation Defense
  1. 4/20"Genocide Today: The Rohingya Of Myanmar"
  1. 4/20Special Nuclear Physics Seminar
  1. 4/20MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Dawn Carone (PhD '09)
  1. 4/20Genocide Remembrance Panel
  1. 4/20Coastal Perspectives Lecture Series: Rousing The Ecological Imagination Through Poetry
  1. 4/21Algebra Seminar
    Galois Theory Of Rational Maps
    Ozlem Ejder (Bogazici University)
  1. 4/21History Department Meeting
  1. 4/21Philosophy Brown Bag: Llanera
  1. 4/21NIH NRSA Information Session
  1. 4/21Psychology Colloquium: Dr. Sapna Cheryan
  1. 4/21PNB Seminar Series Dr. James Noonan
  1. 4/21Simon Burrows, "Enlightenment In Ledgers: Digitally Mapping The French Book Trade"
  1. 4/21Poetic Journeys Release Party
  1. 4/22UConn Reads Forum: The Great Derangement: Climate Change And The Unthinkable
  1. 4/22Mathematics Colloquium
    Personal Consumption And Insurance Decision Making
    Mogens Steffensen (University Of Copenhagen)
  1. 4/22Gerson Foreign Policy Lecture: Tamara Cofman Wittes
  1. 4/22Making Voices Heard: Diversity, Disadvantage, and Discrimination in Educational Settings: Video launch with Q&A
  1. 4/22Fast Funny Women: A Reading
  1. 4/23Logic Colloquium
    Bilateralist Truth-Maker Semantics for ST, TS, LP, K3, ...
    Ulf Hlobil (Concordia University)
  1. 4/23Marine Sciences Seminar: Jessica Fitzsimmons
  1. 4/23ECOM Speaker Series: Emeritus Professor Peter Gardenfors
  1. 4/23Ethnography Workshop
  1. 4/23Hispanic/Latinx Antifascism And The Spanish Republican Cause In The United States, 1936-1977
  1. 4/23Critical LOOKing: A Virtual Dialogue
  1. 4/23"Él no es: Infrapolitics And The Experience Of Tragedy"
  1. 4/23Algebra Seminar
    Multi-Rees Algebras Of Strongly Stable Ideals
    Selvi Kara (University Of South Alabama)
  1. 4/23Swimming In Microplastics? Pictures From The Adriatic Sea," A Talk By Martina Capriotti, Ph.D. (UConn, Avery Point)
  1. 4/23UConn Reads - Italian Transdisciplinary Seminar
  1. 4/23Letters About Literature Ceremony
  1. 4/23Phiala Shanahan (Physics Colloquium)
  1. 4/23Master's Presentation- Debra Tomasino
  1. 4/24Shade Research Collective Symposium
  1. 4/24CWP Teacher-as-Writer
  1. 4/26VICTR Presents: Eduardo Barrio
  1. 4/26
    Actuarial Science Seminar
    Yijia Lin (University Of Nebraska-Lincoln)
  1. 4/26What Can I Do With My History Major?
  1. 4/26Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium
  1. 4/26Particle, Astrophysics, And Nuclear Physics Seminar
  1. 4/27What Can I Do With My English Major?
  1. 4/27MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Leah Rosin (PhD '16)
  1. 4/28Algebra Seminar
    Jennifer Li (UMass Amherst)
  1. 4/28Philosophy Brown Bag: Culbertson
  1. 4/28Psychology Colloquium: Dr. Brandy Simula
  1. 4/28PNB Seminar Series Dr. Eric Schnell
  1. 4/28The Long River Review Release Party
  1. 4/29Math Awards Day Ceremony
  1. 4/29EO Smith Speaker Series: Arshay Cooper
  1. 4/30CWP Teacher-Writer Virtual Writing Retreat
  1. 4/30Logic Colloquium
    Bjørn Jespersen (Utrecht)

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