Internal Funding Opportunities

The College provides funding for CLAS initiatives across UConn's five campuses. Funds support projects that align with goals in the CLAS Strategic Plan, including research, scholarship, teaching, diversity efforts, and outreach. Research funding aligns with the College’s six academic themes:

The Earth and Its Future
Sustainable Systems, Global Resources, and World Cultures
Big Data: Science, Policy, and Ethics

Inequalities, Social Justice, Truth, and Belief
Health, Disease, and Well-Being
Brain, Mind, Language, and Logic

Funding calls are typically sent using the CLAS faculty and staff listservs. Please contact with questions about funding opportunities.

Funding Opportunities for Academic Year 2022-2023

Active Funding Opportunities

Support for Individuals

Opportunity Who is it for? Who may apply/nominate? Anticipated Announcement Date Anticipated
Research and Teaching Scholars Recent Ph.D. recipients from outside UConn Departments (Head) 11/2/2022 1/18/2023
Strategic Priority Graduate Assistantships New graduate students from outside UConn Departments (Head or Director of Graduate Studies) 11/10/2022 1/24/2023
Early Starts (summer before 1st semester) Incoming Ph.D. students Departments (Head or Director of Graduate Studies) 11/10/2022 1/24/2023
Spring Graduate Student Recruiting Prospective student travel/events No application necessary (resources provided proportional to number of Ph.D. students departments plan to admit) 12/1/2022 5/12/2023
Summer Fellowships for Existing Graduate Students Current students in Ph.D. programs No application necessary (resources provided proportional to number of Ph.D. students; departments allocate) 2/1/2023 5/12/2023

Support for Research

Opportunity Who is it for? Who may apply/nominate? Anticipated Announcement Date Anticipated
Research in Academic Themes Tenure system faculty Tenure system faculty 5/2/2022 10/3/2022
Shared Equipment Tenure system faculty Tenure system faculty 9/19/2022 10/21/2022

Support for Teaching

Opportunity Who is it for? Who may apply/nominate? Anticipated Announcement Date Anticipated
Teaching Enhancement Grants Tenure system, clinical, and in-residence faculty, and adjunct professors on multi-year contracts Tenure system, clinical, and in-residence faculty, and adjunct professors on multi-year contracts 1/31/2023 3/7/2023

Professional Development and Climate

Opportunity Who is it for? Who may apply/nominate? Anticipated Announcement Date Anticipated
Leadership Fellows (for spring semester, with possibillity of continuing in summer) Tenure system, clinical, and in-residence faculty Tenure system, clinical, and in-residence faculty 8/25/2022 9/19/2022
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives Full-time faculty and staff Full-time faculty and staff 9/7/2022 10/10/2022

Past Recipients

Academic Year 2021-2022

Research in Academic Themes

Total awarded: $539,083.66.

Jorge Aguero, Economics; Mikhael Shor, Economics
“Résumé Overload’ and Heuristic Racism”
Academic Theme: Brain, Mind, and Logic

Jacqueline Chen, Psychological Sciences; Fumiko Hoeft, Psychological Sciences and Brain Image Research Center; Caroline Greiner de Magalhaes, Psychological Sciences
“Social Stigma Impacts on Mental Health and Academic Outcomes in Children and Adolescents with Specific Learning Disabilities”
Academic Theme: Brain, Mind, and Logic

Adrian Garcia-Sierra, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences; Eduardo Urios-Aparisi, Literature, Cultures, and Languages
“My Spanish is Rusty. Grammar Processing in Fluent Bilinguals and Biliterate Bilinguals of Spanish and English”
Academic Theme: Brain, Mind, and Logic

Stefan Kaufmann, Linguistics; Magdalena Kaufmann, Linguistics; Mitchell Green, Philosophy
“Conditional Thought and Talk”
Academic Theme: Brain, Mind, and Logic

Jay Rueckl, Psychological Sciences; Rachel Theodore, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences; Emily Myers, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
“A Multi-Level Method for Assessing Individual Differences in Spoken Language Processing”
Academic Theme: Brain, Mind, and Logic

Dimitris Xygalatas, Anthropology
“Music as a Tool for Resilience”
Academic Theme: Brain, Mind, and Logic

Michele Baggio, Economics; Mark Urban, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
“On Infectious Diseases and Climate Change: Evidence from the Lyme Disease”
Academic Theme: The Earth and Its Future

Prakash Kashwan, Political Science; Rang Feng, Geoscience; Charles Kaye-Essien, Public Policy
“Climate Change in Regions with High Vulnerability: An Examination of the National and Subnational Policy and Feedback Effects in Ghana and India”
Academic Theme: The Earth and Its Future

Jill Wegrzyn, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Rachel O’Neill, Molecular and Cell Biology; Anne Bucklin, Marine Sciences
“Conservation and Biodiversity Genomics in a Changing Climate”
Academic Theme: The Earth and Its Future

Eleanor Shoreman-Ouimet, Anthropology; Christopher Burton, Geography; William Ouimet, Geoscience; Ken Lachlan, Communication
“DISASTER (Designing Interdisciplinary Science And Strategies To Enhance Resilience) Research at UConn”
Academic Themes: Sustainable Systems, Global Resources and World Cultures; The Earth and Its Future

Penny Vlahos, Marine Sciences; César E. Abadía-Barrero, Anthropology
"Interactions between Human Health, Behavior, and the Environment: A Case Study on the Communities Surrounding the Magdalena and Caquetá Rivers in Colombia"
Academic Theme: The Earth and Its Future

Climate, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Total awarded: $85,453.00

Cara Battersby, Physics
“UConnSTARs (Science, Technology, and Astronomy Recruits)”

Xinnian Chen, Physiology and Neurobiology; Geoffrey Tanner, Physiology and Neurobiology; Alexander Jackson, Physiology and Neurobiology; Daniel Mulkey, Physiology and Neurobiology; Anastasios Tzingounis, Physiology and Neurobiology; Amit Savkar, Mathematics and Quantitative Learning Center
“PNB Undergraduate Intersectional Peer Mentoring Program (PUMP)”

Martha Cutter, English and Africana Studies
“When Black Lives Really Do Matter: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Race, Gender, and Health Disparities”

Tracy Frank, Geosciences; Ran Feng, Geosciences; Will Ouimet, Geosciences; Lisa Park Boush, Geosciences
“Developing Anti-Racist Policies and Strategies to Support Accessibility, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Geosciences"

Menka Jain, Physics; Belter Ordaz Mendoza, Physics
“Supporting Minorities in Physics Through Seminars, Peer Groups, and Outreach”

Kyungseon Joo, Physics; Phillip Cole, Physics
“Broadening the Participation of Underrepresented Minorities in Physics”

David Lund, Marine Sciences; Evan Ward, Marine Sciences; Samantha Siedlecki, Marine Sciences; Penny Vlahos, Marine Sciences; Hans Dam, Marine Sciences; James O’Donnell, Marine Sciences
“Addressing the Degree Gap for Under-Represented Minorities in Connecticut: A Proposal to Partner with the AGU Bridge Program”

Sam Martinez, Anthropology and El Instituto
“Building a CLAS BIPoC Graduate Recruitment/Retention Knowledge Base”

Linda Pelletier, Linguistics
“Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Education and Research at UConn”

Erin Scanlon, Physics; Jamie Kleinmann, Psychological Sciences; Michael Finiguerra, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
“Avery Point STEM Faculty Learning Community about Disability”

Nancy Naples, Sociology; David Embrick, Sociology
“Anti-Racism Committee”

Jason Courtmanche, English; Kiedra Taylor; English
“Equity and Social Justice in Secondary English Education Reading Group: Connecticut Writing Project Grant Proposal”

Peter Schweitzer, Physics; Diego Valente, Physics; Aditi Mahabir, Physics
“Training of Physics Undergraduate Students from Underrepresented Minority Groups”

Summer Research Support

Total awarded: $728,381.00

Kari Adamsons, Human Development and Family Sciences
“Explaining the Intergenerational Transmission of Substance Use Behaviors between Parents and Adolescent Children”

Daniel Adler, Anthropology; Tanner Kovach, Anthropology
“The Neanderthal Revolution: 48,000 Year Old DNA Overturns 150 Years of Human Evolutionary Orthodoxy and Archaeological Assumptions”

Talbot Andrews, Political Science; Lyle Scruggs, Sociology; Oksan Bayulgen, Political Science; Carol Atkinson-Palombo, Geography
“Drivers of Wind Attitudes in Texas and Their Electoral Consequences”

Regina Barreca, English
“Fast Fallen Women: 75 Essays of Flash Nonfiction edited by BOT Professor of English Regina Barreca”

Hannes Baumann, Marine Sciences
“Towards a Fully Annotated Reference Genome of Northern Sand Lance Ammodytes dubius

Brenda Brueggemann, English; Jessica Gallagher, English
“All That’s Left: A Cross-Institutional, Interconnected Archeology of the Relationship and History between the University of Connecticut and the Mansfield Training School”

Ross Buck, Communications; Roeland Hancock, Psychological Sciences and Brain Imaging Research Center; Gitte Jorgensen, Psychological Sciences
“Measuring Brain Correlates of Emotional and Cognitive Empathy: The CARAT Scale”

Xiang Chen, Geography
“Research Proposal Preparation: A Data-Driven Approach to Measuring Community Food Environments”

Elena Comay del Junco, Philosophy
"Love Beyond Aristotle and Avicenna"

Morgne Cramer, English
“Virginia Woolf's The Waves: A Love Story (Bloomsbury vs the Public Schools)”

Amanda Crawford, Journalism
“Misinformation and High-Profile Crimes”

Ana Maria Diaz-Marcos, Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
“Digital Humanities Open-Access Exhibitions on Ernestina G. Fleischman and Antifascist Political Cartoons in the Newspaper La Voz (New York, 1937-1939)”

Alexis Dudden, History
“The Opening and Closing of Japan, 1850-2020”

Martine Granby, Journalism
“Seminar 1975”

Yohei Igarashi, English and UConn Humanities Institute
“Summer Salary for Work on Book Project, Word Count: Literature and Data Analysis, 1875-1965”

Jonathan Klassen, Molecular and Cell Biology
“Characterizing Microbiomes and New Antifungal Agents from a Model Host-Microbe Symbiosis”

Victor Hugo Lachos Davila, Statistics
“Linear Mixed Models for Complex Longitudinal Data”

Charles Lansing, History
“German Nazi Hunters: the Search for Justice After the Holocaust”

Senjie Lin, Marine Sciences
Developing an NSF-RCN Grant and a Path to Lead Aquatic Symbiosis Research”

Yao Lin, Chemistry
“Developing Synthetic Polypeptides on a Large Scale for Biocompatible, Sustainable Polymeric Materials”

Christin Munsch, Sociology
“Knowledge Production in the Social Sciences”

Michael O'Neill, Molecular and Cell Biology
“Transgenerational Epigenetics and Autism: Linking Meiotic Dysfunction and Cognitive Impairment”

Penelope Pelizzon, English
“Immersive Reading in Contemporary Poetry and Ecopoetics”

Heather Read, Psychological Sciences; Fumiko Hoeft, Psychological Sciences and Brain Imaging Research Center; Nicole Landi, Psychological Sciences; Monty Escabi, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
“Brain and Behavioral Biomarkers for Discriminating Speech in Noise in Dyslexia”

Bhakti Shringarpure, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Elva Orozco-Mendoza, Political Science; Sherry Zane, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
“Insurgent Murals: Women’s Art Activism in Buenos Aires, Khartoum and Belfast”

Victoria Ford Smith, English
“How Children See: Child Artists and Modernism”

William Snyder, Linguistics; Roeland Hancock, Psychological Sciences, Brain Imaging Research Center
“Brain Activity in Adults May Reflect Childhood Stages of Language Development: Collection of Pilot Data for a Federal Grant Proposal”

Mike Stanton, Journalism; Steven Smith, Journalism
“Land, Wealth and Native Americans: UConn's Forgotten Land-Grant Legacy”

Jiyoun Suk, Communications and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
“Unpacking the Dynamics of Gender Justice Discourses Across Borders and Platforms”

Ryan Talbert, Sociology
“Legal Contact, Psychosocial Resources, and Mental Health among Black and Latinx Adults”

Kathleen Tonry, English
“Print Time (Chapter 4: The Activist Press in the UK and UK)”

Christian Tryon, Anthropology
“Ice Age Human-Environmental Dynamics During the Initial Colonization of Sicily”

Christopher Vials, English
“Monograph: America Firsts: Fascism, Male Violence, and U.S. Empire, 1920 to the Present”

Sarah Willen, Anthropology; Alexis Boylan, Art History and Africana Studies Institute
"Picturing the Pandemic:  An Exhibition of Images from the Pandemic Journaling Project (PJP)"

Eiling Yee, Psychological Sciences
“Effects of Naturally Occurring Changes in Sensory Experience on Conceptual Knowledge”

Teaching Enhancement Grants

Total awarded: $111,228.00

Lisa Blansett, English
“Developing New Course Inquiries for FYW”

Ellen Carillo, English
“Foregrounding Inclusivity: Implementing Engagement-Based Grading in a General Education Course”

Ariana Codr, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
“WGSS 1104: Feminisms and the Arts”

Manisha Desai, Sociology
“SOCI: Introduction to Sociology”

Jessica Fuller, Mathematics
“MATH 1020Q: The Problem Solving Course”

Gregory Kneidel, English
“Biblical Art at the Wadsworth Atheneum”

David McArdle, Mathematics
“Creating a Modular, Inquiry-Based Modeling Course”

Alexandra Paxton, Psychological Sciences
“Collaborative, Introspective, and Inclusive Pedagogy for Psychological Science”

Linda Pelletier, Linguistics
“ASLN 2700 Interpreting in Various Settings Course Improvement Grant”

Louis Riel, Chemistry
“Implementation of Specifications Grading for Avery Point’s CHEM 2443”

Eric Scanlon, Physics
“Integrating Inclusive Teaching Practices in the Physics Labs at Avery Point”

Fatma Selampinar, Chemistry
“Fostering Inclusive Classroom Environment with Learning Assistants”

Sam Sommers, English
“ENGL 1201: Introduction to American Studies”

Bradley Wright, Sociology
“Proposed Revision of Sociology 2275: Social Well-Being”

Xian Wu, Physics
“The Cloud-Based Notebook to Promote Accessibility and Inclusivity of Problem-Solving Group Discussion”

Sherry Zane, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
“WGSS 1105 - Gender & Sexuality in Everyday Life”

Christian Tryon, Anthropology
“A Hands-On Approach to Human Evolution”

Sylvanie Wallington, UConn Stamford
“A Telescope for the Stamford Astronomy Classroom”

Academic Year 2020-2021

Research in Academic Themes

Total awarded: $216,403.56

James Rusling, Chemistry; Dharamainder Choudhary, Department of Surgery, UConn Health
“Blood Biopsy Diagnostic for Aggressive Cancers”
Academic Theme: Health, Disease, and Well-Being

Fumiko Hoeft, Psychological Sciences and Brain Image Research Center; Fabiana Cardetti, Mathematics
“The Influence of mental health and socio-economic disparities on children with learning disabilities - a math intervention study”
Academic Theme: Inequalities, Social Justice, Truth; Belief and Health, Disease, and Well-Being

Eva Lefkowitz, Human Development and Family Sciences; Amanda Denes, Communication; Lisa Eaton, Human Development and Family Sciences
“Risk and protective factors for LGTQ+ college students’ health and well-being during semesters and academic break”
Academic Theme: Inequalities, Social Justice, Truth; Belief and Health, Disease, and Well-Being

Anna Duane, English
“Analogies of Slavery, Definitions of Freedom and Narratives of Public Health”
Academic Theme: Inequalities, Social Justice: Truth

Melanie Newport, History
“Disaster and the Carceral Landscape: A History of Incarceration on a Dying Planet”
Academic Theme: Inequalities, Social Justice, Truth

Ryan Talbert, Sociology; Jolaade Kalinowski, Human Development and Family Sciences
“Fatal Police Encounters and Race-Gender Variation in Health across Time”
Academic Theme: Inequalities, Social Justice, Truth; Belief, and Health, Disease, and Well-Being

Lyle Scruggs, Political Science; Mary Fischer, Sociology; Swapna Gokhale, Computer Sciences and Engineering; Debs Ghosh, Geography
“Misinformation Clusters and COVID Outbreaks”
Academic Theme: Big Data - Science, Policy, and Ethics

Anti-Racist Scholarship, Pedagogy, and Workplace Climate

Total awarded: $34,100.00

Kathleen Tonry, English; Gariel Morrison, English
“Racism in the Margins”

Letitia Naigles, Psychological Sciences; Bede Agocha, Africana Studies
“Language and Racism, A collaboration between the Africana Studies and the Cognitive Sciences Program”

Anke Finger, Literature, Cultures, and Languages; Manuela Wager, Literature, Cultures, and Languages; Isabell Sluka, Literature, Cultures, and Languages
“Decolonizing Area Studies: Towards Intercultural Citizenship and Social Justice”

Jason Chang, History and Asian and Asian American Studies; Chris Vials, English and American Studies; Sam Martinez, Anthropology and El Instituto; Avi Patt, Literature, Cultures, and Languages; Sherry Zane, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies; Melina Pappademos, History and Africana Studies
“Activist in Residence”

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Total awarded: $21,430.00

Michael Finiguerra, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; John Redden, Physiology and Neurobiology; Dylan Audette, Molecular and Cell Biology; John Cooley, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Jeffrey Divino, Physiology and Neurobiology; Susan Herrick, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Elizabeth Kline, Molecular and Cell Biology; Claudia Kraemer, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Luciana Santoferrara, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Colleen Spurling, Molecular and Cell Biology; Stephen Trumbo, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
“UConn FIRST in Biology: Fostering Ideal Regional Student Transitions in Biology”

Mark Peczuh, Chemistry; Nicholas Leadbeater, Chemistry
“Organic Chemistry Boot Camp: Foundational Concepts and Strategies for Student Success”

Xian Wu, Physics; Erin Scanlon, Physics; Matt Guthrie, Physics
“Supporting Inclusive Group Work in Studio-Style Physics Courses”

Lisa Blansett, English
“New Approaches to Metacognition through Defamiliarizing Processes”

Summer Research Support

Total awarded: $216,445.00

Alexia Smith, Anthropology
“Cultivating the Field of Archaeobotany: Integrating Art and Archaeology to explore Akkadian and Post-Akkadian Food, Fuel, Farming, and Adaptation to Climate Change at Tell Leilan, Syria”

Maria LaRusso, Human Development and Family Sciences
“Well-being and Consciousness For Teens (We-Act): A Pilot Study of a Multimodal Intervention to Prevent Anxiety in BIPOC Youth”

Ruth Braunstein, Sociology
“The Moral Meanings of Taxpaying”

Jorge Aguero, Economics
“Motivating Disadvantaged Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Role of Information, Aspirations, and Perceptions

Kai (Jackie) Zhao, Economics
“Health Inequality over the Life Cycle and Its Implications for Economic Well-Being”

Amanda Denes, Communication; Keith Bellizzi, Human Development and Family Sciences
“Exploring Communication About Cancer in LGBTIQ+ and Heterosexual Relationships”

Kimberly Chaney, Psychological Sciences; Nisith Prakash, Economics
“Can “Guilt” Change Police Attitude towards Gender-Based Violence?”

Cesar Abadia, Anthropology
“Integrative Approach to Address Increases in Children’s Chronic Conditions and Mental Health Problems: The Case of Anxiety”

Xiaodong Yan, Mathematics
“New development on PDE models for materials science”

Juliet Lee, Molecular and Cell Biology
“The use of Zebrafish transgenics to study the role of mechanosensing in the regulation cell movement”

Chunsheng Yang, Literature, Cultures, and Languages
“Chinese Language curriculum redesigning to meet demands of Gen-Z learner”

Research Equipment

Total awarded: $1,228,210.00

Gael Ung, Chemistry
“Near-infrared circulatory polarized luminescence spectrometer”

Linnaea Ostroff, Physiology and Neurobiology
“CCU-010 HV (high vacuum) coating unit that prepares samples for imaging in the scanning electron microscope”

Kim Gans, Human Development and Family Sciences
“Veggie Meter, a device that uses reflection spectroscopy to objectively measure skin carotenoid levels in a non-invasive, rapid fashion as a biomarker for fruit and vegetable intake.”

Fumiko Hoeft, Psychological Sciences and Brain Image Research Center
“EEg Bundle; includes a combination of critical new equipment (Cedrus Stim Tracker), and replacement of peripherals (EEG caps to position the 256 channels accurately in time-effective manner)”

Menka Jain, Physics
“Servicing Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS), liquid helium, Large bor VSM kit and pressure-dependent cell, and a heat capacity probe”

Senjie Lin, Marine Sciences
“Gel imaging system: The system allows researchers using molecular techniques to take, store, and analyze images of electrophoretic gels of DNA, RNA, and proteins (including western blot), the basic molecular biology works”

Julie Granger, Marine Sciences
“High-resolution cell sorting flow cytometer: used routinely in diagnostic medical sciences. It has also been used by oceanographers to survey the vast diversity of phytoplankton, protists, and bacteria in different realms of the ocean”

Jiajun Sun, Physiology and Neurobiology
“Light sheet microscope: creates a thin plane of illumination from two lenses in an orientation perpendicular to the plane of the imaging lens. This is a recent innovation in which rapid scanning of the sample through a thin sheet of light reduces phototoxicity and allows ultrafast acquisition of fluorescence signals over large volumes, up to 2 cm, using high speed cameras”

Carlos Trallero, Physics
“Novel class light source: This laser will provide both high peak intensity and high repetition rates, delivering almost a single cycle of the electric field”

Boris Sinkovic, Physics
“The development of a time-resolved photoelectron spectrometer. Funds purchased a XUV System and timePIX camera v3”