Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Thanks to the generosity of donors who support endowed chairs and professorships, the College can honor exceptional faculty members, support their world-class research, and enhance the student experience by providing access to prominent scholars. Alumni and friends of the College have established or committed to establishing 16 endowed faculty professorships.

Current Endowed Chairs and Professors

Aetna Chair of Writing

Professor: Brenda Brueggemann
Department: English
Donor: Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation

Arden Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Professor: Mark Urban
Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Donor: Anonymous

James Barnett Professor in Humanistic Anthropology

Professor: Richard Sosis
Department: Anthropology
Donor: Dennison J. Nash

Alan R. Bennett Honors Professor of Political Science

Professor: Matthew Singer
Department: Political Science
Donor: Alan R. Bennett

James L. and Shirley A. Draper Chair in American History

Professor: Manisha Sinha
Department: History
Donor: James L. and Shirley A. Draper

Doris and Simon Konover Family Foundation Chair of Judaic Studies

Professor: Avinoam Patt
Department: Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life
Donor: Doris and Simon Konover Family Foundation

Paul Krenicki Professor of Chemistry

Professor: James F. Rusling
Department: Chemistry
Donor: John Krenicki Jr. and Donna M. Krenicki

Lynn Wood Neag Distinguished Visiting Professor of British Literature

Professor: Vacant
Department: English
Donor: Ray and Carole Neag

Emiliana Pasca Noether Chair in Modern Italian History

Professor: Sergio Luzzatto
Department: History
Donor: Emiliana P. Noether

Harold S. Schwenk Sr. Distinguished Chair in Chemistry

Professor: Daniele Fabris
Department: Chemistry
Donor: Harold S. Schwenk Jr. and Paula H. J. Schwenk

Stuart and Joan Sidney Professor of Mathematics

Professor: Vacant
Department: Mathematics
Donors: Daniel Sidney, Raymond Sidney, Lawrence Sidney, and Jennifer Silva

Recently Established Endowed Chairs and Professors

James and Carol Anderson Endowed Professor of Biology

Department: Molecular and Cell Biology
Donor: James B. and Carol P. Anderson

James and Eleanor Gibson Professor in Ecological Psychology

Department: Psychological Sciences
Donor: Anonymous

Rosalind Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Donor: Anonymous

James T. and Iris E. Todd Professorship

Department: Psychological Sciences
Donor: James T. and Iris E. Todd