CLAS Shared Equipment 2022-2023

Who Should Apply:  Tenure-system faculty active in acquiring external research funding

Deadline:  Oct. 21, 2022

Contact for Inquiries: Ofer Harel, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Affairs

CLAS recognizes the critical role of research infrastructure to support cutting-edge research, and the challenges researchers face in upgrading and staying abreast of these technologies.

Here, we initiate a call for proposals for equipment that will advance research within CLAS in significant ways. Options include acquiring equipment that currently does not exist at UConn, replacing a critical piece of equipment that has become outdated and/or dysfunctional, or a significant upgrade to existing equipment.

We are particularly interested in supporting requests that will benefit multiple researchers and will add to our competitiveness for external funding.

Proposals should be submitted by Oct. 21, 2022, through the CLAS proposal submission portal.

Please submit a document of no more than three pages that outlines the following:

  • Researchers who plan to use the equipment and the potential for increased future use.
  • Benefit to advancing interdisciplinary research in the context of the CLAS Strategic Plan.
  • Management plan for the equipment that includes its location, long-term maintenance, and supervision.
  • A detailed budget (including any relevant quotes, which do not count toward the page limit).

The College will prioritize requests that have financial contributions from departmental and/or faculty discretionary funds. Submitters should identify these contributions in their proposals.