Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives 2022-2023

Who Should Apply:  Full-time tenure-system, clinical, and in-residence faculty and staff

Deadline:  Oct. 10, 2022

Funding: Up to $8,000

The first goal of the CLAS Strategic Plan, “Climate, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” calls on the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to “build and continually support an academic environment and workplace where diverse faculty, staff, and students feel valued and thrive.”

To support the College’s commitment to ethical social engagement, dynamic research, and inclusive climate, CLAS will provide funding for scholarship, programming, and/or other initiatives that support ongoing struggles against injustice and oppression. The funds can be used to develop a range of work, such as anti-racist research, social justice-focused programming, relationships with minority-serving institutions to facilitate recruitment of graduate students, collaborations that build intersectional perspectives on the academy, and/or initiatives to advance a positive workplace climate.

This open call is available to full-time tenure-system, clinical, and in-residence faculty and staff. Proposals may be submitted by individuals or by small groups.

Submissions must be made by 12:00 p.m. on Oct. 10, 2022, through the CLAS proposal submission portal.

Applicants must submit a document of no more than four single-spaced pages. It should contain a description of the topic, specific goals, and expected outcomes. For all proposals, applicants should include a description of the metrics that they will use to determine the impact and success of the project, as well as an itemized budget.

The submitted materials must also include a brief note of endorsement by each of the unit leaders associated with the faculty/staff members (department head and/or center/program/institute director). Applicants should upload this endorsement separately through the submission portal.

Please note that the funds may not be used to support course development.

The College aims to provide sufficient funding to stimulate meaningful and lasting impact. We also recognize that different types of projects might require very different resources. To maximize the range of ideas we can support, please consider your budgets carefully. We hope to support several projects at a level up to $8,000. The funds must be spent by June 1, 2023, and a report of what was done and whether the goals were achieved should be submitted by that date to the Dean’s Office.