Marine Sciences Professor Awarded Fulbright Fellowship

James O’Donnell, center, and Michael M. Whitney, left, are both professors, researchers and oceanographers in the Department of Marine Sciences at Avery Point. Here they are studying water velocities and density (i.e. salinity and temperature) variation over a series of underwater sand waves in eastern Long Island Sound.

Associate Professor of Marine Sciences, Michael Whitney, has been awarded a Fulbright fellowship at the University of Iceland, set to start in 2020. The fellowship was granted as part of the Fulbright Program –an international educational exchange program–and also is supported by the National Science Foundation. Whitney said the award is “an exciting opportunity”. Currently, Whitney’s research explores the physical dynamics of coastal systems and enclosed coastal bodies known as estuaries. At the University of Iceland, Whitney will be tracking river waters into the ocean and studying their influence on important fishery areas. “The research is timely because the rivers continue to change as glaciers retreat in the warming climate,” he said. Whitney credits the Marine Sciences Department Head, Evan Ward, and fellow Associate Professor of Marine Sciences, Penny Vlahos for their guidance and support throughout the application process. He said he will strive to be a great ambassador for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and UConn during the fellowship.


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