Air Force Veteran Finds ‘Home Away from Home’


Catherine Jones ’16 (CLAS) outside the Student Veterans Oasis at the Student Union. (Photo by Peter Morenus)

Catherine Jones ’16 (CLAS) outside the Student Veterans Oasis at the Student Union. (Photo by Peter Morenus)

When Catherine (Cat) Jones ’16 (CLAS) first toured the Storrs campus, she immediately felt at home. Once enrolled, she discovered the Veterans Oasis in the Student Union, and that’s when she knew she had found ‘family.’

Jones, a native of the Dallas, Texas area, was a fairly typical teenager. When she started college, she knew she wanted to do something ‘awesome’ with her life, but she had no definite career goals and her academic achievements were modest. Believing that she needed a sense of direction, her stepfather suggested that she consider joining the military to receive both ‘on-the-job’ training and the opportunity to take advantage of educational benefits offered through the armed forces.

Although there was no immediate family history of military service, Jones followed his suggestion, and that decision changed her life. After looking at the various military branches, she decided the Air Force might be a good fit, and it turned out to be “the perfect choice.”

Following basic training, Jones was assigned to Misawa Air Force Base in Japan. Located approximately 400 miles north of Tokyo, on the northeastern part of the main island of Honshu, the base is home to the 35th Air Force Fighter Wing as well as US Army and Navy installations and the Japan Self-Defense Force.

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By: Sheila Foran

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