In Memoriam: Roger B Wilkenfeld (1938-2013)

Roger B. Wilkenfeld, English professor from 1963 to 2011, was a specialist in poetry and verse, as well as a co-founder of the UConn Honors Program.

An excerpt from his obituary:

“Dr. Roger B. Wilkenfeld was born in Brooklyn in 1938 to parents Jacob and Freda. He graduated from Brooklyn College before earning his doctorate in English Literature from the University of Rochester. He taught for nearly fifty years (with a brief stint at Rutgers) in the English Department at the University of Connecticut, from 1963 until his retirement, for health reasons, in 2011. He was a specialist in the poetry of John Milton, as well as nineteenth- and twentieth-century English and American verse. His published scholarship focused primarily on Milton and on Victorian poetry and fiction. He was a much-loved presence both in and outside of the classroom at UConn, an amusing and at times cantankerous fixture at the faculty lunch table and a tireless mentor of innumerable English majors and non-majors. He helped found the UConn Honors Program, and was instrumental in the development of the annual Wallace Stevens Poetry Program, which brings visiting writers of international renown to the UConn campus. In his later years, he continued to approach teaching with uncommon verve and creativity, in such courses as ‘Muses and Masters,’ which examined influential writers and artists alongside the people (often other artists) who most deeply inspired their work. ”

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