Student Attends Fulbright Summer Institute

Alexandria Bottelsen ’16 (CLAS) at the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street in London.

Alexandria Bottelsen ’16 (CLAS) likes to look at the big picture. A resident of Brookfield, Conn., she is an Honors student pursuing a double major in English and Secondary Education. One of the reasons she chose to attend UConn is its large size and the myriad academic and social opportunities at the University.

As a freshman last year, Bottelsen decided to take another big chance and apply for a place in the highly competitive Fulbright Summer Institute program to study at King’s College, London, one of nine Fulbright Summer Institute sites in the UK. She was excited and pleased when she was accepted, but in her words, “I’m the kind of person who says, ‘I’m going to do this … now, how?’”

Bottelsen’s Honors advisor Jessamy Hoffmann says, “Alex is obviously not afraid of a challenge. I remember her coming to our first advising meeting [last year] with a color-coded schedule she had created. She has continued to be that organized, as well as exuberant about opportunities.”

It was Bottelsen who learned about the Fulbright opportunity and, with guidance from the Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships, went after it, Hoffmann notes. “It was Alex who had the courage to try, and to start out on an adventure of her own making.”

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By Sheila Foran

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