Message from the Dean

Dear Friends,

A few short weeks ago, students and professors from all over Connecticut, the U.S., and the globe descended upon our University, ready to begin again that timeless ritual that always manages to bring a fresh start: the new school year.

This semester was particularly exciting for CLAS as we welcomed more than CLAS development officers. to our College. Their credentials are too many to list, but of particular note are a new group of professors who teach and study how the human brain creates and processes language. These accomplished faculty came to the departments of Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology, and Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences and, along with the stellar professors already in place, are the foundation of what I believe will become one of the leading cognitive science programs in the country.

A view of the Wilbur Cross Building

As you’ve no doubt heard, the Next Generation Connecticut initiative passed the legislature and was signed into law by Governor Malloy in June.  This remarkable initiative provides substantial capital funding, as well as operating funds, to enable the university to upgrade its science facilities and to expand its enrollment, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

We are, of course, still wholly committed to being a college and university engaged with the full spectrum of learning and research in the liberal arts and sciences.  I echo the sentiments of President Susan Herbst, who recently told the New London Day: “If you did science, but you didn’t have public policy, you didn’t have sociology, you didn’t have the arts and humanities, we really would want to close down. Because then what are you doing science for? What do we really care about as people, as societies, as cities, as communities? What are our values? How do we get joy in life and beauty around us?”

This year, we are continuing our successful alumni programming and partnership with the Center for Career Development (formerly the Office of Career Services). Our popular Certificate of Professional Development, awarded to undergraduates who complete a program of career panels, networking workshops, and job search trainings, was recently mentioned in a USA Today article as proof of how students can “turn a liberal arts major into a paycheck.”

And as always, you can read my latest musings in my blog, where I recently made a case that reading literature helps children deal with the vast range of human emotions.

Have a great fall.

Jeremy Teitelbaum

Read more posts by Jeremy Teitelbaum, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, on his blog.

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