From Down and Out to DC


Khaliyl Lane speaking at a Congressional Foster Youth Internship Briefing on Aug. 31, in Washington, D.C.

If you asked Khaliyl Lane ’10 (CLAS), ’13 MSW, 10 years ago whether he could imagine himself working in the halls of power at the U.S. Capitol or sitting at a desk inside the United Nations, he would surely have laughed it off as an outrageous suggestion.

Lane’s early teen years were tough. At 14, his family crumbled, his mother and father gave up their parental rights, and Lane and his younger brother were placed in Connecticut state foster care. His future was at a crossroads. College and a professional career were just about the last thing on his mind. He needed a home.

Thankfully for him, Barbara Knoegel Allison, the mother of a close childhood friend, who was recently divorced and going through her own struggles, heard about Lane’s plight and volunteered to take him in.

In many ways, Allison saved Lane’s life. Together, Lane, Allison, and her own two boys began a journey at that moment that transformed them all.


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