Genomics Institute Launching $1 Million Grant Program to Encourage Research Collaborations

By: Carolyn Pennington

Marc Lalande in his lab at the Health Center. (Lanny Nagler for UConn Health Center)

Marc Lalande in his lab at the Health Center. (Lanny Nagler for UConn Health Center)

In an effort to foster interdisciplinary genomics research, the University’s Institute for Systems Genomics will invest $1 million this spring among four pilot research programs that demonstrate collaboration among the Institute’s partners.

“One of the fundamental goals of the Institute for Systems Genomics is to encourage collaborative research and move the promise of genomic medicine forward,” says Marc Lalande, professor and chairman of Genetics and Developmental Biologyat the UConn Health Center, and director of the Institute. “The new pilot programs are a step in the right direction,” he says. The funded programs will be known as “Affinity Research Collaboratives” based on a similar initiative developed at Boston University.

The Institute was launched last fall to develop a world-class program for research and training in genomics medicine; build relationships between the academic and corporate communities; and encourage students to pursue careers in genomics studies. Institute partners include the University of Connecticut, the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, the UConn Health Center, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and other regional hospitals and health care organizations.

The grant program is being facilitated by the UConn Health Center and letters of intent are due on May 15. To qualify, the proposal must involve interdisciplinary genomics research, integrate at least two disciplines, and consist of a team of at least four investigators with representation from both Jackson Laboratory and UConn, Lalande says.

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