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By Christine Buckley, CLAS Today

Associate Professor Nicholas Leadbeater’s Academic Minutes explain science simply.

Associate Professor Nicholas Leadbeater’s Academic Minutes explain science simply.

Chemist Nicholas Leadbeater has a knack for explaining science clearly and simply. In these 90-second spots, known as the Academic Minute, Professor Leadbeater explains the science behind common concepts. The Academic Minutes are produced by WAMC Radio out of Albany, New York. His spots have become so popular that they are featured about once a month. Listen to a few of them here!The Science Behind Artificial Sweeteners

– Why do artificial sweeteners taste so much sweeter than sugar? It actually lies in the way the taste receptors in your mouth are configured.

Hybrid Cars and Rare Earth Metals

– Hybrid cars seem like a green, earth-friendly technology. But in fact many of them use parts made out of some of the rarest metals on Earth. Leadbeater explains what can be done to make hybrid cars smarter.

Chemotherapy drugs

– Chemotherapy drugs are ubiquitous in treating cancer. But how do they kill only cancer cells and none, or few, benign cells? Leadbeater explains how.

Molecular Gastronomy

– Have you seen those cooking shows where chemistry plays a big part in gourmet dishes? You can actually make those little beads that “pop” in your mouth at home. Learn how it works – and how to do it.

Prof. Leadbeater will be talking about the chemistry of cooking at this year’s Alumni Weekend. Click here to find out more and to attend — it’s free!

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