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By Christine Buckley, CLAS Today

Dayton Horvath worked in the laboratory of Professor Steven Suib. Photography by Daniel Buttrey.

Dayton Horvath worked in the laboratory of Professor Steven Suib.
Photography by Daniel Buttrey.

Dayton Horvath graduated in May from the chemistry department with concentrations in chemistry, materials science and business. What’s more, he’s a lumberjack and a dancer. Read on to hear about his UConn experience.

Name: Dayton T. Horvath

Year: Senior

Major: Chemistry, minors: materials science and engineering, business

Adivsor: Steven Suib, professor of chemistry

Honors: University Scholar

Hometown: Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Area of research interest: Breaking up oil spills using green chemistry , among other interests

Extracurricular activities: I ballroom dance competitively on the UConn Ballroom Dance Team and also am a senior member on UConn’s Timber Team. We compete at collegiate meets throughout the northeast in traditional lumberjack sports including chopping and sawing events, axe throw, log roll, and fire build. The lumberjack teams, led by Shannon Strong, are competitive on a national level. We have an annual home meet and compete in two to three competitions every semester!

Why he chose UConn: I really didn’t know what would happen when I chose UConn. No other place has given me these opportunities – UConn has enabled me to do everything I’ve wanted. The best thing was the honors program. They gave me so many opportunities, like taking a 22-credit semester my second semester freshman year, or taking classes in other disciplines to supplement my chemistry studies.

What he’ll do after college: I’ll be attending graduate school in chemistry at UCLA. But before that, I’ll take some time to go to Budapest, Hungary to take chemistry classes in English and to polish my Hungarian language skills. I am a dual citizen and a first generation Hungarian American, as my parents immigrated in 1980.

How he prepared for a career in into chemistry research: I have presented my thesis work at three conferences, in Shanghai, Boston and Utah. I have presented at various poster sessions, have been published twice as a co-author, and was lucky to receive one of eight CLAS Dean’s Award Summer Undergraduate Research fellowships to conduct research on carbon dioxide conversion to methanol in the summer of 2010.

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