Putting political theory to work

By Karen A. Grava

Christopher Davis not only knows political theory, he knows politics.

Davis, who holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science and is now a PhD candidate in political science in CLAS, is also a state legislator, having won election on the Republican ticket in November to represent East Windsor, his hometown, and Ellington.

At 24, he is not the youngest person to win election to the General Assembly, but he is the youngest legislator to serve in the current session.

Davis ran for the General Assembly two years ago and came close. So he decided more than a year ago to give it another try. His year-long campaign resulted in his defeat of the six-term incumbent, Democrat Ted Graziani.

Davis is focused, he says, not on building a political career, but on accomplishing his goals.

“If I accomplish all of my goals, there will be no need to run again, ” he says. His top priorities are working on the budget and improving the business climate, both tasks that could take years.

“The state has a $3.5 billion deficit but this is a something that did not happen overnight, ” he says. “And we probably will not be able to fix it overnight. We will have to make structural changes.”

Davis, who describes himself as a conservative, says he found the University’s political science department “accepting of all points of view. There was no bias from the professors and a lot of interesting conversation with the other students. “I’d say different viewpoints made for an enriched conversation,” he says.

A former assistant clerk for the General Assembly’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, Davis says UConn provided him with an excellent education not only in the classroom but also in terms of extracurricular activities.

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