College as a moveable feast


Discouraged by the excessive heat in an Arjona classroom, anthropology professor Françoise Dussart last year gave her students a list of 30 things they should do outside the classroom. It may be the best definition you’ll find of the college experience:

  1. Attend a religious ritual you are not familiar with.
  2. Listen to the hooves of a horse walking on a covered bridge (Sturbridge Village is the closest).
  3. Watch at least one of Luis Buñuel’s films.
  4. Read novels by Chinua Achebe.
  5. Try to see a sunrise at least 5 times a year after you wrote an essay!
  6. Learn a bit about the history of people you know nothing about but who may live next door to you.
  7. Go camping.
  9. Be bored.
  10. Climb the Eiffel Tower via the steps, at least until the 3rd floor. Try to pick a clear day! Good cardio exercise….
  11. Watch a movie called Tampopo by director Juzo Itami and make sure you are close to a Japanese restaurant; you’ll be hungry!
  12. Take a class just because the topic grabs you.
  13. Check the Dioramas at the Museum of Natural History in NYC.
  14. Learn how to change a tire (AAA is not always available!).
  15. Learn the name of a female spy and a female pirate.
  16. Read a novel by Marguerite Yourcenar or Marguerite Duras (and Yes, I love Daisies!).
  17. Go ice fishing.
  18. Give your time to a good cause.
  19. Read novels by Milan Kundera.
  20. Travel near and far.
  21. Listen to a Flamenco performance live.
  22. Always have a favorite novel, poem, nonfiction work. Make sure you have several over the course of your life! And change!
  23. Discover Amalia Rodrigues (check YouTube!).
  24. Read Rainer Maria Rilke.
  25. Watch a movie titled The Burmese Harp by director Ichikawa (YES it is a B/W movie!).
  26. Sleep under the stars (no tents!).
  27. Sing really loud. Might be wise to try first when a subway or train is passing by!
  28. Daydream.
  29. Learn how to row a boat, and try to learn how to say it in a foreign language.
  30. Be kind.

Now, add your own suggestions on the College of Liberal Art and Sciences Facebook page, starting with 31.

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